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*/ Drabble */ Shelter [Jan. 17th, 2016|07:08 am]
Abby/McGee LJ Community



[cross-posted to naemi, ncis_drabble, and AO3]

Title: Shelter
Author: naemi
Word Count: 100
Featuring: Tim, Abby
Rating: G
Beta: moit


Abby is all about the puppies and kittens, and Tim doesn't mind it; secretly, he enjoys coming to the shelter with her, although he always puts up a little fight when she throws him out of bed early on a Sunday.

But it is what it is. Abby loves the feeling of forcing him to do something for his karma bank, and Tim loves to see her happy. And he loves being around the dogs, too—maybe a little more than he cares to admit.

And maybe, only maybe, Abby knows, for she never asks, and she never pushes him.

~ ~ ~ the end ~ ~ ~